Remembrance is the key to faithfulness

Jeremiah 2: 1-9

Human beings have short memories. Many of us have faced a situation where people we have helped or friends we have supported, have forgotten our support and gone their merry way. While the indifference can be hurtful, even more upsetting are situations where people we have helped have actually turned against us, to the extent of making derogatory or hurtful comments.

In Jeremiah’s time, God lamented Israel’s unfaithfulness. Not only was Israel indifferent to the God who saved it from slavery, it was actually actively and consciously turning away.

  1. God loved Israel as His chosen people (Jer. 2:2-3). Today, the church, God’s visible people on earth are looked upon by God in the same way. But many churches, and people in the church, are flirting with the culture of the world, and the “gods” of this age. Even worse, some in the church are even questioning and making derogatory comments about God.
  2. God called His people to remember what he had done for them ( Jer. 2:6-7). The powerful effect of remembrance cannot be discounted. Do we ever think back and see how God has guided us throughout our lives? I believe a constant look back, with thankfulness, will keep us focused on God. A determined effort to remember can overcome the corrosiveness of a short memory.
  3. God’s “leaders” led the people astray ( Jer. 2:8). Firstly, they did not look for God in any circumstance. They seemed to rely on worldly wisdom to handle issues. Does it not remind us of today’s leaders? They make little effort to look at how God has led His church through history and want to change the beliefs and forms of our faith based on worldly cultural norms.
  4. God’s “leaders” even transgressed against God ( Jer. 2:8). They did not follow God’s precepts. They went after things which were not of God. Many of our leaders today look for secular acclaim and position. They have become toothless tigers, so keen to please politicians or society’s expectations, that they are transgressing God’s laws.

I am amazed at how much we have allowed the world into our church. A recent survey in the USA revealed that 37% of evangelical Christians believed in reincarnation and nearly half believed that all religions were valid ways to reach God. Both of these are basic Hindu tenets. Reincarnation and universalism are incompatible with the Bible. Yet, our leaders do not forcefully teach these truths any more. We want to be “accepted” by the world and willing to disobey God’s clear precepts to do so.

Jeremiah 2 will later reveal the consequences of this continued indifference and open disobedience to God’s word. What is your personal reaction? If you are in a church where the leaders are conforming to the world, no matter how popular or “contemporary” they may be, think about finding a church which holds onto a biblical world view. If you are challenged for your faith and biblical world view, will you, with a gentle spirit, stand for God? Ask God for His Spirit to guide you.

This blog post previously appeared on Dr. Joshua Thambiraj’s personal blog – Sword and Scalpel Meditations.


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